Fuck the rest.
Sam, 18, I'm a newbe stoner. Currently baked as shitfuck.
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Everything is out of sense. School, work, responsibilities, plans for the future.. I mean, why we need all of that? We don’t know what will happen. We may die tomorow or after 50 years, or after 2 seconds. We may be hit by a car on the way to the store or we may die in our sleep. So why we need to think about the future? Life is about here and now, you know, it’s about doing whatever you want no matter if it’s right or wrong. It’s about speaking and then thinking, leaving every single second like it’s your last. Everything else seems quite meaningless. Soon or later we will be just dust on the road and like they say, “We live alone, we die alone. Everything else is just an illusion.”

I fucking hate my best friend, but I can’t live without her…
Fucking cunt. 😂


compliments from the babe <3


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